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There Is No Maths Involved In a Professional Bra Fitting!

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About Us

The Perfect Fit (Training) Ltd was founded in 2005 by Tracy Turner-Ward. Previously trained in Fashion Design, she moved into the field of lingerie to better understand shape and fit on the corsetry side of clothing.
"No longer a spring chicken I have come to realise that I can't physically fit everybody- tapping people on the shoulder and saying "Excuse me but your bra doesn't fit, Can I measure you?" just isn't the done thing!"
"Frustrated at seeing ladies with four or more breasts and watching television programs which advertise incorrect fitting methods I decided to design a foolproof method, using my skills and experience as a trained professional, to give ALL WOMEN the opportunity to benefit from the feel of CORRECTLY fitted lingerie".

When Buying Lingerie: Start at the Foundations

If you have ever watched a make-over program, you will know that they ALWAYS start at the foundation garments of their 'victim', to provide the best shape possible over which to style their new look.
Once you are correctly fitted, you will find that breast buttons line up on your blouses and jackets (if they are cut correctly).
You will have a longer torso - as your breasts are raised up into their proper position there is more room above your waist.
Plus with the benefit of correct support comes a more refined silhouette and an improved posture.
You can look as if you have lost literally pounds in weight- Instantly!

About the others

The sad fact is most stores that offer measuring services don't train their staff properly- for whatever reason, either giving them a multicoloured tape measure where if your underbust is yellow and your over bust is red your a C cup (!!!) or a standard tape and a strange mathematical method of finding bra sizes. (We know who you are!).
Our case studies tell of this experience, as all women (Completely different sizes) had trouble with their bras prior to being fitted correctly.

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