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There Is No Maths Involved In a Professional Bra Fitting!

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Customer Testimonials

I found the course easy and will definitely recommend you to my friends.

C. Keating. Online Member

How my boobs have stayed on my chest and not on my waist at 49 I have no idea. Looks like I have just grabbed anything off the shelf - I'm ashamed! This has been a real eye opener. Can't wait to get going. Thank you

Mrs Rawlinson. Online Member

Private Fittings

I love Bra shopping now and I can wear tight T-shirts again, without looking like I'm taking a couple of ferrets out for the day!

Julie Earl, Case Study

'They' made me a 36DD. You measured me as 30G - I mean how wrong were they!

Caroline Kelly, Case Study#2

Home Parties - Hostess comments

My experience of The Perfect Fit ..
.. was marvellous! I was recommended by a friend who had attended a home-party, and being in urgent need of a new bra and loathing the fitting room in any of our department stores, Tracy was a gift.
I assembled a motley crew of friends with different bra requirements and each one was delighted by the service, although there were two of us who were too large for any degree of choice.
Each of my guests bought at least two bras and all of them reported back that they will never face the fitting room again – it’s a marvellous way of getting a correctly fitted bra, with the added bonus that items can be ordered-in specially.

As far as I’m concerned there’s no other way to buy and look forward to new stock coming in and hosting another successful and sociable evening, with friends who by-and-large do not have the time or inclination for high street shopping. Well done.

Sally Ashoka. Pembury Kent.

Thank you for such a great service, my friends and I were so pleased to be fitted correctly and in such a professional way. Shopping for the right size bra is often confusing and stressful, it was so refreshing to try on bras in a comfortable atmosphere and to be fitted by such a knowledgeable person. I can’t believe how a properly fitted bra can make you feel. I will definitly use your services again.

Lucy Clayton

Having attended a house party and been fitted myself, I purchased some lingerie and was delighted with the fit/comfort etc. So much so I booked a party and invited all of my friends to try it too!
Tracy is extremely informative and thorough with her fitting service. Not only does she discuss the how's and why's of fitting your bra correctly, but also how to put it on/off to make the most of the product, how often you should purchase etc.
Obviously stripping off and having a bra fitting is not something everyone is going to be comfortable with, but Tracy puts you completely at ease with a very business-like, whilst friendly attitude to her work and everyone I invited was delighted with the fitting and completely relaxed!
Given that this is a 'mobile' service, we were all impressed with the fantastic range of products that Tracy had available for all the different shapes and sizes that we come in!
Many of my friends - myself included are busy mums, with between 1 and 3 children. Whether they are 'working' at home being a full time mum or indeed go 'out' to work, one thing we have in common is the limited time in our week for shopping, particularly if it's for ourselves. A bra fitting, albeit an important service, is not something I relish the thought of with three children in tow! 'The Perfect Fit' provides the 'perfect' opportunity, to have a professional come to you and advise in the comfort of your own home, with no hassles!

Natalie White. Tonbridge. Kent

Party Guest Comments:

Brilliant!! Nice to be fitted properly!

Mrs P, Crowborough, East Sussex

Great! Very Informative.

Miss R, Nr Hartfield, East Sussex

Why has it taken me so long! I can now shop for bras at lunchtime, instead of setting aside an afternoon!

Miss H, Tunbridge Wells

Finally the right advice for bigger boobs!

Mrs B, Croydon- Private Fitting

Now it feels like I'm not wearing a bra! Fantastic!

Miss L, Tunbridge Wells- Private Fitting

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